Tiny Tin Champs + New Poll + New Releases

In case you hadn’t noticed that large crowd of multi-instrumentalists occupying our top banner, allow me to call your attention to our most recent poll winner The Tiny Tin Hearts. Huzzah, kudos, and all manner of seriously outdated congratulatory terms to them. Tiny Tin Hearts will be at Lambert’s fine fancy BBQ this Saturday the 24th.

And, as usually tends to happen after a poll victory, we got us a new poll: Death Is Not a Joyride, Single Frame, The Boxing Lesson, The Lovely Sparrows, and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth have all been nominated for your consideration.

In other developments, Luck, our CD of the month from Wiretree, drops today, and is joined by Fits, the new one from White Denim.

Peoplefood, Sad Accordions, Red Leaves will be up at 10, 11, and midnight, respectively, at the Mohawk this Wednesday. A trio of acclaimed Austin bands and Deli darlins.

So there. M. Ward never bought us a drink in Portland, so that’s a drink he owes us. If he feels that either the fact that A) we don’t know him or B) we never actually asked him for a drink is a legitimate excuse for this oversight, he obviously doesn’t understand our system of ethics. Which I would be happy to explain to him. Over a drink.