SYGC and AM Taxi Get Fed


I try to eat healthy, but my weakness it Taco Bell. There is nothing more satisfying than a 7 layer burrito and an order of cheesy fiesta potatoes. Well, hopefully the folks in Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Am Taxi feel the same way. Both local bands were among the 100 “up-and-coming rock acts” that were awarded $500 in Taco Bell Bucks. More than just free food, bands also receive important marketing support for their music. This is part of Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program, and music fans will be able to discover each Feed the Beat band on Taco Bell’s Virtual Music Festival Web site. The site showcases their music and exclusive content created for the site. Once there, fans can listen to bands they know or discover new tunes as they stream music via the Feed the Beat Music Player. If they discover a band they like and want to purchase music, they are directed to the band’s Web site where they can purchase the song. It’s a great program, and has helped me decide where I’ll be having dinner!