Rough Cut @ Bird’s Nest

I’m not sure if Thanksgiving weekend is the best time for the blues, but perhaps you didn’t get the wishbone or didn’t make it to the Best Buy in time to get the best deal or possibly you wasted your morning in a mile long line. Whatever the reason if you feel your life could use a bit of the blues then you need to check out sound and soul of Rough Cut. These four musicians have a knack for making the blues fun, loud, and exciting. Rough Cut makes pro-quality, live recordings of each show in order to keep popular songs featured on their web page fresh, and listeners coming back. They offer free, constantly updated live versions of popular tracks on their web page, which is a unique strategy developed in order to keep fan content fresh. This also gives potential fans a good idea of the live experience may be like. So after you have your cold turkey sandwich head out to Bird’s Nest this Saturday (11/28) and check out Cris Lauer, Mike Tate, Josh Izzo, and Tom Rogus of Rough Cut.