Hilary Hawke plays Rodeo bar of 11.30

The Big Apple is a bit sweeter because of the rich sounds of Hilary Hawke. The musician combines an extensive musical education in clarinet with her experimentation in classical guitar and a rustic skill of banjo playing. The result is a lil’ bit country, a lil’ bit rock ’n soul – a sound created all within the bustling city streets of Brooklyn. The emotional lyrics and soothing arrangements of Hawke’s debut release, “Goodwill,” showcase her broad talent. Hawke plucks and strums her way through the banjo to create music that ranges from dark and alluring to energetic and cheerful. Her piercing vocals blend effortlessly within the sharp, choppy notes of the banjo on each track of the CD. The jug band experience intensifies with the dynamic presence of her large background band (complete with such instruments as the fiddle, mandolin and trombone). It’s pure instrumental bliss. Hilary Hawke plays Rodeo bar of 11.30. – CM