Northern Valentine Feelin’ Fuzzy at Green Line Cafe Jan. 23


Northern Valentine, the name and the band, captures the essence of the most remote corners of the earth, from expansive vistas to the depths of the ocean, and occasionally straight up through the stratosphere. A little over-dramatic perhaps, but it’s quite appropriate for an instrumental band who evoke post-rockers like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, but also embrace more shoegazey influences, like Flying Saucer Attack. Interestingly, all of the sweeping guitar symphonics and fuzzy drone soundscapes are created primarily by just two people, husband and wife team Robert and Amy Brown (along with a rotating cast of helpers and collaborators, of course). So while the band can weave epic build-ups just as well as any of their type, there’s something about them that feels much more intimate. If you’re looking for an ambient trip to get lost in, look no further than the Green Line Cafe, where the group is playing with CJ Boyd, The New Heaven and The New Earth, and Sensory Whore. Green Line Cafe, 4426 Locust Street, 7p., All Ages Poteracki