New Free Weekly Dance Party Opens This Weekend (12/4/09)


So there are a number of free dance parties in Nashville these days, and they’re all pretty great. We can’t begin to count how many Mondays we’ve stumbled out of the 5 spot at 3 AM or all the cool themed nights at 12th and Porter on Saturdays. But we just have one question: why has nobody done the obvious and put one of them free parties on Friday? Friday is the real party day, and someone needs to provide some free dance outlets for us to start our weekend right. Well apparently someone else had the same idea, because we are pleased to announce yet another FREE weekly dance party! On Friday!

That’s right, La Paz Mexican Restaurant (infamous celebrators of Cinco de Mayo)  is throwing free weekly dance parties called "Fiesta Loca: La Paz Late Nights" on Fridays now, so get ready to throw down at their new location on Elliston EVERY FRIDAY from now on. Just consider it an after-party for everything. Finally, something to do after all the shows are over at the Exit/In or The End. We like what we’re hearing…

Here are the details:

2214 Elliston Place (where that ombi place used to be)
Drink specials from nine to whenever = $3 well, draft, wine, and margaritas, plus $2 PBR tall boys.
DJ Potamus is the house DJ, and this guy rocks. He opened for MSTRKRFT and several other big names throughout the years…Definitely one to watch.

Supposedly there will be a new guest DJ each month too, which will help keep things fresh. This week is DJ Burgers (AKA Steve Cross)! 

Seriously awesome, we could use another free dance party in Nashville. See you on Friday!