Lite Brite Revival

 OH,….WHEN THERES NO WHEN ELSE IN SIGHT,…IN THE CROWDED, LONELY NIGHT… WELL, I WAIT SO LONG FOR MY LOVE VIBRATION..AND IM DANCIN WITH MYSELF..OH,OH,OH DANCING WITH MYSELF..OH OH DANCING WITH MYSELF ..OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!! Who can forget the 80’s?? An era that is remembered for the Bears making it to the Super bowl, winning it! AND wrote a song about it, who can forget the Super-bowl shuffle, MTV actually made use of the M in the name and played Music on the show, when you bought cereal there was a cool prize in the box…not a CD-rom. The List is endless.

No matter what generation you grew up in, you can’t deny the awesome music of the 80’s or the remakes that artists have done since then it probably came from an artist in the 80’s. If your now humming, singing, dancing with yourself (I said dancing with yourself!!!) , having repressed memories flashbacks, or all of the above then you won’t want to miss THE LITE BRITE REVIVAL ! This saucy mix of power pop, punk, new wave 80’s cover band has an edge that separates them from the all rest which gives them room for endless creativity. I have no doubt that front woman Erica Coriliione singer of The Blissters will give each song her own unique style and flare all of her own. There catchy hooks and dynamically powerful rhythm section these guys are surely going to blow your leg warmers right off. So check them out December 11, at Uncle Fattys in Lincoln Park or Jan 8 at Penny Road Pub. And remember nobody leaves baby in the corner… – Gillian Verdico