Interview: The Deli Gets to Know The Royal Bangs

Royal Bangs

The Royal Bangs have had a pretty exciting career lately. Their quircky blend of electronic blips and glitches layed over rough but infectious guitar riffs has attracted the attention of the music community lately, and there seem to be nothing but promising times ahead for these guys. In the past they’ve joined forces with huge names like The Black Keys, played some large festivals (including our own Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival), spent large amounts of time across the pond on their European tour, and recently just released their sophomore effort, Let It Beep–which is totally badass. Despite their hectic and exhaustive touring schedule, The Deli managed to sit down with frontman Ryan Schaefer to have a few words on the band’s past, the new album, and plans for the future. Check it out here. –Interview by Jessica Pace