From Our Open Blog: $300.00 Hoodie and Take Me Home

Hello Rabble Rabble here, First off we want to thank the Deli Magazine Chicago for giving us the opportunity and putting us up on the November band of the month poll. Also thanks a huge amount to all of our fans and friends for voting and getting us the win. It means a lot to know that we have so much support and love from all of you. It keeps us going and inspires us to write and perform awesome rock and roll for you all. We just finished our Gallery of Carpets session and wanted to share the finished product with everyone. I know that you are dying to see what your efforts produced. We spent a good four hours recording and mixing two of our recent songs and they are rockin’. So go to our my space and check em out or download them for free and listen to them when ever you feel you need it! Oww! Thanks again and much love to you all. (as posted in The Deli’s Open Blog – post your band’s entries, videos, and Mp3s here).