Fader premieres video by Brooklyn’s Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle released their debut album "Almanac" last week, and Fader mag liked it so much that they decided to premiere the video of their single "Broken Glass" – see it here. There is also a free mp3 available – which we actually prefer – here. It sounds a little like an ambient version of Dinosaur Jr.!


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The Shake release new album, give away single for download for 1 week

To promote the release of their upcoming album, "The Shake Go Crazy," the New York foursome has launched a 1-week campaign allowing users to download the single, "Got No Soul," for free. The CD was the result of an entire summer of work with producer Gregory Lattimer (Albert Hammond Jr, Milo and The Fuzz). See the band live at Crash Mansion on 11.19. – (as posted in The Deli’s Open Blog – post your band’s entries, videos, and Mp3s here).


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Black Gold CD review – live at Hammertstein Ballroom on 11.22

Black Gold’s debut release, "Rush," plays to a variety of ears. Besides being pleasantly pop, Brooklynites Eric Ronick (vocals, keyboards) and Than Luu (drums, guitar, percussion, vocals), backed by guitarist Alistair Paxton and bass player Siggy, bring a spectrum of other personal influences and industry experience (each member has toured with well-known pop/rock artists in the past) to the composition table. A richly symphonic “Plans and Reveries” and heavily electronic “Detroit” were selected as “Rush’s” singles. They highlight Ronick’s lounge-meets-lyrical voice which melds with Luu’s falsetto back-vocals, Classical string and piano arrangements, synth sequences, and unchained guitars. Black Gold fall into their best groove on the funky “Breakdown” and alluring “The Comedown,” while glowing harmonies on “Shine,” “Run’s” bright melodies, dreamy air of “Idols,” and Southern sway on “Canyon” sustain “Rush’s” appeal with ever-changing styles. Overall, Black Gold’s “Rush” is mellow but playful, providing both tunes for dancing and songs for decompressing. Don’t miss Black Gold’s show at Hammertstein Ballroom on 11.22 – Meijin Bruttomesso