Dirty Diamond’s Third Annual Vagina Jam at The Khyber Dec. 18

When an artist gives out free vibrators to every woman who attends his show, you already know that he isn’t your typical musician. But that’s just the way Dirty Diamond has rolled for going on three years now. He is the only Neil Diamond cover artist to utilize dirty lyrics, so after he spins classics like "Sweet Caroline" into "Sweet Cocaine Line," you may never look at it in the same way ever again. But it’s all in the spirit of comedy that bridges the gap, and it more than succeeds. He’ll be joined by Bong Hits For Jesus, who just recently released their first full length and have collaborated with the likes of Chuck Treece. Their blend of ska and stoner jam rock will leave you feeling a little bit high. Rounding out the lineup is Action Park, who was named after the ill-fated theme park, and who’s jammed out progressive metal has just as many roller coaster loops. Combine it all with comedian Benny Michaels as the master of ceremonies, and you have a night that you probably shouldn’t forget your headies. The Khyber, 56 S. 2nd St., 9pm, $10, 21+myspace.com/dirtydiamondmusicBill McThrill