Despite retina-destroying announcements, FMLY kicks off ’10 with small Cali tour

Happy New Year! After a few days off to plan our Best Artists of 2009 polling extravaganza and other holiday shenanigans, The Deli LA is back!  We would have participated in the indie music blogosphere’s annual tradition of creating arbitrary and self-congratulatory best-of/worst-of lists, but we were too busy putting that power into your hands. Details on that to follow later today

To ring in the new year, our friends at FMLY and Lots O’ Crap Magazine are traveling a small California tour with a slew of the avant-garde in the mix. The 6-city tour kicks off Tuesday night at The Smell and hosts Former Ghosts, Railcars, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, and Mother Mackenzie. Tuesday | The Smell | All Ages | $5

Other dates on the bill below (we are not responsible for the epilepsy that this epic flier may induce):