Cardboard Sangria @ Schubas

The Schubas residency is a high honor and this month that honor goes to the local label Cardboard Sangria. Formed nine years ago, Cardboard Sangria has been dedicated to producing and promoting for nine years now. With local bands like Darling, The Singleman Affair, The Part V, and The Tiger Trio the label has built a reputation for supporting the local band, and sticking by them. The label is slowly growing and currently only releasing a few titles a year, but they clearly have figured out a formula that will take them much father in the years to come. If you need a taste of the label check out their free 2009 mixtape.

The remaining residency dates at Schubas are December 14th (TONIGHT!) with Darling and The Nothingheads, Dec. 21st with The Singleman Affair and Jeff Harms, and Dec. 28th with Rock Falls and Roommate. Stop by Schubas and support some great bands and a growing local label.