Broomstick Rock Star

Travis Lee Wiggins continues to impress me not just by how prolific his but with the quality of his music. It was just a couple months ago that we were talking about the massive Essex Chanel love song collection, but now I have the latest effort from The Salts (formerly The Summer Salts) on my desk. Formed in 2006, The Salts are a trio fronted by Wiggins, but also include Mike Rice and Luke Krause on guitar and drums. Broomstick Rock Star will be released on December 22nd, and finds Wiggins presenting a more aggressive indie rock set. Tracks like “Go There” (mp3) and the title track and so many others have addictive poppy hooks, and Rice adds playful and nostalgic guitar riffs through out. There is also a heavy dose of pleasant dance rock on this album. This is a fine addition to the massive catalog that Wiggins is creating.