Bladen County Records Presents a Night of Musical Fortune You Can and Should Take a Chance On



Bladen County Records is putting on the Spin the Wheel Showcase @ Holocene this Thursday the 21st! What does that mean? We’re glad you asked…

Here’s how it works: A member of the audience gets to come and and spin a fun and giant "Wheel of Fortune" to determine which one of the local and talented bands is to come up and play one song. The process then repeats itself, and keeps on rolling. The format lends itself toward laughing and libations – things are bound to get a little silly.

The various possibilities for performance are endless! Why not start by buying a vowel? Give me an O! You can bask in the melodically indulgent, vintage indie rock of Oh, Captain, My Captain.

Give me an H! Perhaps you then leisurely take a stroll through the weird, though beautiful and transfixing compositions of Hosannas (formerly Church).

Give me a T! Here comes a delightful ditty from indie-folk songsmiths, Typhoon.

Give me an M! Hither comes a ’50s rock ‘n’ roll/pop classic from Oh, Captain, My Captain spin off, Monarques.

Give me a P! A well-crafted garage-pop jam with addicting organ lines just may blossom through live cultivation from Patterns. The wheel will decide!

The boisterous carnival of music kicks of at 9:00 p.m. for $5.

Joel Sommer