Album Review: Blind Pilot iTunes Exclusive EP

An empty-echoed harmony breaks through the silence in a cry reminscent of classic American folk. Blind Pilot, in their new iTunes-exclusive release, has truly mastered a style sure to resonate with listeners. Opening with a two-stepped cover of Gillian Welch’s “Look at Miss Ohio,” (which you can see a live clip of above) the band continues on with three re-recorded tracks of their own, each in a spirit deeper and more longing than the last, finishing up with a new song titled “Get it Out.”

Although this exclusive EP features only two previously unreleased songs, each recording was tracked live and has been modified in such a way to make them truly unique from their original, as heard in the ukulele-led rendition of “3 Rounds & a Sound.” This EP is a great start for those unfamiliar with Blind Pilot, and a necessary addition to any current listener’s collection.

Michael Miller