“2 Way Path”: Hey Arnold and Inner Child Delight on Cal Fish’s Newest Track

Photos by Justina Tran / Words by Willa Rudolph

Today, multi-hyphenate artist and musician Cal Fish is dropping a new track along with a music video. The Brooklyn-based artist made “2 Way Path (feat. hi im home)” when a meditative lullaby-like dance beat they created on an Electribe 2 blossomed into a twinkly, fully-formed song, laced with hypnotic digital sounds and playful synths. hi im home wrote the “Dream is Within You” chorus, and Cal Fish wrote the lyrics of the verses. 

The video is a delightful neighborhood romp, showing Cal Fish and hi im home skipping and lollygagging, letting their inner childs shine through during a sunset’s golden hour in Brooklyn. The song and video are part of Cal Fish’s upcoming video album, the third of their oeuvre, entitled Indecision Songs, available at Cal’s interactive site + on all streaming platforms.

The lyrics of “2 Way Path” call upon a longing from within, your inner child hoping for companionship—well, that’s how I interpret it, anyway—with samples from Hey Arnold adding a “longing, fun, and innocence [that] ties the track together,” as described by Cal. 

Select lyrics: “Heavy hopes / hurting hands/ hungry for holding…

The dream is within you / hold me close and I’ll feel it too…

The dream is within you / guess mama never had a clue…

Living simply / Makes loving simple…”

Cal tells The Deli, “The last line is borrowed from bell hooks’ All About Love… The song doesn’t have a super specific meaning but is clearly about believing in your dreams, in love, in patience, in the heart/hardship that each person carries and our ability to lift that and help ourselves and others bloom through care and excitement, and those are the influences for the track as well.”

All of Cal Fish’s videos and songs are available at https://calfish.land/indecisionsongs.html + on all streaming platforms.

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