The Ropes cut it down + release new EP

"Less is more" is one of those sayings that’s good for all seasons. The Ropes stopped incorporating other musicians in their live show in early 2008, feeling that finding permanent members who reflect their ideals was unrealistic. They have described their past experience with band members "a living hell" (NYC musicians, does that ring a bell?). They started touring with an unusual two-piece live setup: while vocalist Sharon Shy plays bass, the bands’ other half, Toppy, plays guitar, drums, and keyboards more or less simultaneously. The show is done 100% live. No drum machines or loops are used.
The band has announced details of their upcoming EP “Love is a Chain Store”, first available on the bands’ website for download using a Radiohead style "pay what you want" model (beginning on December 15) and then released "properly" on January 12, 2010. Produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Church) and The Ropes, “Love is a Chain Store” expands upon the bands’ previous musings on isolation, individualism, and anti-romance.