Tall Tall Trees’ busy December schedule

Led by Long Island-bred songwriter Mike Savino, Tall Tall Trees competently executes a sound influenced by traditional American roots music, incorporating elements of folk and country.  Largely built around meandering banjo lines, the songs of Tall Tall Trees are often upbeat and always melodic; “Bubble Gum” is an especially poppy gem featuring appropriately sweet vocal harmonies.  While “The Ballad of Sallie Mae” may be, lyrically, a ham-handed attempt at tongue-in-cheekiness, its intricate song structure and the integration of fiddle and backcountry percussion make it an interesting and representative track.  The band only stumbles when overproduction becomes an issue; the crisp, bright guitar and drum sounds of “I Got You” hit a little too close to contemporary pop-country radio territory for comfort.  Ultimately, however, Tall Tall Trees successfully captures the rural feeling Savino’s tunes are designed to evoke, which is a laudable feat for a big-city East Coast band to accomplish. The band has a busy December live schedule with shows at Pete’s Candy’s Store (12.03) Hank’s Saloon (12.11) and Union Pool (12.18).