Residency Alert: Year Long Disaster raid Spaceland every Monday in January

Behind the veil of pretense and the parade of plug-ins, software and pedals used in modern music, most musicians often forget that rock in its most basic trio form can be just as thrilling and, well, good. Enter rock group Year Long Disaster: there’s not exactly anything new to their brand of high octave-lead rock reminiscent of, say, your favorite Guitar Hero tracks, but they do it really, really, really fucking well. It’s not every day our breath is taken away by the exaggerated hugeness of a group, so only imagination can muster up what Year Long Disaster are like live. With a 2009 that included an opening slot with the Foo Fighters and a commissioned video by the guys at Aqua Teen Hunger Force, heads are turning for a reason, and, as of right now, so are ours.