NYC Artists on the rise: Hypernova

Iranian-born rockers, turned New Yorkers via Los Angeles, Hypernova, are set to release their debut album “Through the Chaos” through Narnack Records this spring. Raam (vocals/guitar), Jamshid (bass), Kami (drums), Kodi (guitar), and Poya (rhythm guitar) have endured the chaos and limits of Tehran and the competition of the music scene in American metropolises only to emerge on top. The quintet masters rollicking and bright guitars, accompanied by forceful, syncopated drums, and an interchange of tormented and hopeful lyrics about their struggle, journey, and fortitude. The group’s fast-paced, dark dance-rock fits comfortably into the New York groove; and with the new album on the way, these determined gentlemen are sure to fulfill their American and rock n’ roll dreams. – Meijin Bruttomesso