Nashville Open Contest for Year End Poll – Results

Hard rocking NashVILLAINS,

We apologize for being a little slow lately with all things related to our Best of Nashville 2009 poll for emerging indie artists. Our NYC Readers’ Poll (which we recommend you to check out here) has brought an unexpected amount of traffic to our site, which has caused our server to crash several times yesterday, making us waste a lot of time. Because of this we decided to postpone slightly the beginning of some of the other cities’ readers’ polls, Nashville included.

Anyhoo… we just finished collecting the nominations from our knowledgeable and attractive panel of jurors and we are now ready to hit you all with an impressive list of awesome local emerging 100% independent artists. If you’d like to learn more about our voting process, please check out the rules here.

While we are organizing the list of nominees, we wanted to announce the winners of our Open Contest. For those unaware, this Contest is the part of our Best of Nashville Poll that nominates artists through an open submission system – while the majority of our finalists are freely selected by a jury of local bloggers, promoters and scenemakers. We’d like to thank all the artists who participated in our Open Contest, the ones who submitted directly, and the ones who qualified throughout 2009 by winning our monthly polls.

Choosing the winners was not an easy decision to make for The Deli writers, which is a testament to our amazing music scene. We are happy to announce that PUJOL, Milktooth, Vermicious Knids, Marj!, Square People, Diarrhea Planet and The Slow & Steady Winner have been selected to join our jurors’ list of nominees, and special congratulations to PUJOL (in the picture, sun tanning, rather sexily) who were (was?) the overall winners of our Open Contest!

The Nashville Readers’ Poll will start soon, keep an eye out for it!

The Deli’s Staff