Last Minute Plans: I Love Rich

It’s a joke right, and mere cover band mocking all that is and once was “Heavy Metal”, right? Well the more I listen the abrasive sounds of I Love Rich the less I think they are joking. This music is everything heavy metal stands for but pushing up against a territory that is near absurd. Their latest ep, I Love Rich 3: Season of the Rich, is raucous, raunchy, and filled with the traditional metal progressions. From tracks like “Everybody’s Getting Laid Tonight” to “Rise Up For Rock And Roll”, ILR embody all things rock and all the larger than life elements there in. However, for a split second I question how genuine their approach is, but then I get swept up in the fun and nostalgic aspect and start thrashing around.

Members Rich, Brewblood, Chuck E. Sleeze, and Full Throttle, will be performing Underground Lounge (952 W. Newport at Clark St) tonight with Lustkillers and Nothing to Gain.