Kite Oprations’ CD release party – 11.21 at Matchless

Kite Operations‘ third full-length album FESTIVAL it out now on Actually, Records. Filled with visceral noise spirituals, ‘Festival’ is a joyous exaltation for the no-wave set; an exhilarating testament to the band’s ability to infuse dissonant experimentation with the emotionally incisive. "…rock that’ll shock your testicles like Kabangers. Heavy on guitar feedback madness, straight up noise, and dadaist vocals, the Asian American sound is now officially over. The [New York] band killed it brilliantly…" – Giant Robot "With its deep lyricism and carefully constructed accompaniment, ‘Festival’ is an unparalleled mixture of celebration, emotion and passion." – Lucid Forge "Free-jazz inspired noise-rock improv-spazz-pop. Sounds like Don Caballero meets Cap’n Jazz plus more noise. Super energetic and fierce." – KUCI 88.9fm The album release party on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn brings together many of the band’s labelmates and friends from around the country, with performances by: Grapefruit Experiment (VA) Faello Nor (Boston) XYZR_KX (Chicago) Jienan Yuan (Chicago) The Gold Medalists (SF) Jack Tung (SF) Kite Operations and DJ sets by Zach Lipkins Doors at 6:00 PM Admission $8, 21+ (Please bring ID) Bar Matchless 557 Manhattan Ave.(corner of Driggs and Manhattan) Greenpoint, Brooklyn – (as posted in The Deli’s Open Blog – post your band’s entries, videos, and Mp3s here).