Implodes at The Whistler

Over the summer the local cassette label Plus Tapes released a very popular cassette from noise rockers Implodes. The cassette was so popular that in September the label had to print up a second run. Their brand of rock falls in line with those bands that deal in sonic exploration and developing complex layers of noise and melody. Their songs have this loose structure that lends itself nicely to live sets that turn into fields of white noise and haze. Matt Jencik, Ken Camden, Emily Elhaj, and Justin Rathell all play distinct roles in the band, but when performing or recording everything seems to melt together into a wall of music that is a forceful and seductive as anything I’ve heard this year.

You can feel the noise in person this Monday at The Whistler (just Matt & Ken) or on December 6th at Empty Bottle with Magical Beautiful and Above/Below Sea Level.