Gilead7 and I.B. Fokuz

ADVENT: A Modern Bible is the new album from emcee Gilead7 (G7) and producer I.B. Fokuz. The album will be released in December by The Secret Life of Sound, but to give you a taste of this epic project DJ Seanile has skillfully arranged a mix of the album. The goal of the ADVENT series is to snatch the ethics of several religious traditions and philosophies and show how they relate to issues of ecology, politics, racial identity, class, and the esoteric practice of spirituality. In other words, ADVENT takes in the way of the modern world as it is, and gives back to you an up to date natural way of life by which one can (they believe) create positive evolution within it. This is a message of hope during a time of need. This one makes a place for all religious or non-religious positions, its creed encompassing the most devout Hindu to the nihilistic atheist. Justice for all creation and responsibility for those other than oneself are the only non-negotiable factors. However, these boys since have fun, and absolutely have some crazy skills. This is a personal journey that these two have chosen to share with the city they love and with the world.

You can grab Seanile’s mix here (mp3) and keep an eye out for the album at TSLOS.