Fun video from our Open Blog: Top Ten Lovers

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Top Ten Lovers Say: "We love, hate, and aren’t sure about…owl caricatures, buffalo hunting, Betty Davis, people that need a lot of attention, Paul Westerberg, perfect hair, Tom Waits, hangovers, trains, fog and steam, Dwight Yoakam, TV, Television, indecision, heartache, Sly Stone, Velvet underground, J Lindeberg, Woo, catching wild animals with your hands, loud-ass guitar amps, falling in love, Mark Bolan, Sleep Dirt, THE CLASH!!! staying for one more, Scott Walker, non-guys, Russian Animation, burgers, stealing cigarette lighters, beating on the brat, Brooklyn, late night jams, Sexy beast, revolution, drumbo, the shaving of the widows peak, Silver apples, Adidas, computers, coffee, war, Leonard Cohen, hurricanes, fire places, secrets, black clouds of smoke, automatic weapons, the smell of dead leaves, Daniel Johnston, Joe Tex, Mitch Mitchell , Dave Davies, hey buddy deli phone chat, mods and rockers, blues hammer, empty socks, carrying stress in the jaw, chick chat, Hasil Adkins, Hudson river,The War on Drugs, pop culture, dropping out, Townes Van Zandt, tape machines, sleeping late, distant cousins, fugazi, a sharp knife, a deck of cards, mass media, drones, sheep, and their behavior, fingerino, hillbilly junk, texas, panic, scroungers, peepers,stoners".