Drumming For Pistols

To hear Christa Meyer talk about the new album from her duo Puerto Muerto is to hear the revolution approaching. Talking about the title track to the Fire Records release, Drumming for Pistols, due next month, “basically a call to arms, I wanted the song to evoke thoughts of revolution, without specifically referencing the subject.” The album as a whole is also a revolution of sound combining chamber pop with soulful chantey sounds and mixing in a dirge or two along the way. The other half of this eclectic duo is Tim Kelly, and he credits both the musicians growth musically and their good fortune to work with so many wonderfully talented Chicago musicians. On Drumming For Pistols, Kelly and Meyer have enlisted the help of Gary Schepers (Devil in A Woodpile), John Londay, Tiffany Kowalski (Bright Eyes), and Gary James (Box of Baby Birds). This once again proves that collaboration typically results in a diverse and rich product. This thirteen-track exploration is that rich adventure that will keep you guessing at every turn.