Deli Top Performer: Kurt Vile


2009 will probably be a year that Kurt Vile will never forget. He had been an underground darling in the Philly indie music scene for quite some time, but he finally received what most musicians have dreamt about over and over again when Matador Records came knockin’ on his door requesting his John Hancock that made him the toast of the town. But besides all the awards, kind words and big shows, he also started down the path to the “American Dream” when he and his wife Suzanne purchased their first home (no doubt taking advantage of Obama’s first-time homeowner tax break), but nothing probably topped when he discovered that he would be bringing in another Vile into the world. When I interviewed him for the release of Childish Prodigy, he was gearing up to hit the first of what will be many long tours for Vile. While the energy seemed electric around him as I listened to the Violator’s drummer Mike Zangi gleefully talk with Vile’s father-in-law about their upcoming adventures, there was a Zen-like calm that surrounded Kurt as I watched him chat with fans after his solo acoustic set at a.k.a. Music. We snuck down an alleyway to chat and for him to grab a cigarette. He showed quite a sense of maturity as we discussed everything from his childhood to the recording process of Childish Prodigy to future plans to even strange false rumors that I had heard about him from random people (no, he isn’t a Dungeons & Dragons freak; in fact, he’s never even played the game). It doesn’t really matter what anyone says. 2009 was Kurt Vile’s year! Tran