Dead Meadow premiere video/film preview for major Xemu project

Dead Meadow | "That Old Temple"
Dir. by Artificial Army

We know who Dead Meadow are: a three-piece psych rock group with the itch to tastefully jam between verses and choruses, all without ever making listeners bore in the indulgence. What we don’t know is what film project this music video is a preview for. According to a release, Dead Meadow are part of a "multi-media project to surface later this year on Xemu." Xemu, of course, being Dead Meadow’s label and apparent web hub for this hyped film project by Artificial Army (whose work includes The Mars Volta, The Sword, and Coheed and Cambria). The video itself is hallucinating, and until more information comes out on this alleged multimedia project, we’ll just let it stand on its own.