CHIRP’s Radio Station

CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) has been supporting independent music since 2007 through benefit shows, web articles, and tent sale, but finally they will launching their own radio station on January 17th. The station will broadcast live 21 hours a day, seven days a week from the CHIRP studios in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood. Each three-hour on-air shift will be curated by a volunteer host, and will feature an array of independent and under-appreciated music from a variety of genres and eras, as well as conversations and information about happenings in the city’s diverse arts and cultural scenes. Chrip and it’s volunteers have been working on building this studio since last Spring, and their hard work will result in one of the best stations in town with a doubt. The 100% volunteer group also has been working to convince Congress and the FCC to remove existing barriers to the granting of low power FM radio licenses in urban areas in hopes that eventually it will be able to secure a broadcast license as well. The bill supported by CHIRP, the Local Community Radio Act, passed the House of Representatives in December 2009, and is awaiting a vote in the full Senate. Listeners can tune in to beginning at noon on Sunday January 17 to hear the new station launch live.

The CHIRP launch party takes places on January 16th at Empty Bottle with The Yolks, Hollows, and Rabble Rabble.