Charlie Deets Listening Party

A few weeks I posted the new video from Charlie Deets, and this month Charlie sent me his new album, Power of Suggestion. It has been on repeat all month, and it is hard to explain why. Whether I am attempting to work out, driving to work, or just hanging out at home, this album has such an addictive collection of beats. It the comparisons that keep coming to mind are pieces of the more electronic side of Of Montreal mixed with newer Nine Inch Nails. Lyrically, Deets is closer to Reznor or Lady Gaga for that matter, as he obsesses about sex and clubs and the like. However, the nature his beats will overpower the distraction of his lyrics. It is typically not what I am looking for, Charlie has hooked me and will not let go.

Charlies Deets is have a listening party for Power of Suggestion on Feb. 12th  at 10:00pm at The Gene Siskel Film Center where he will debut films by several talented filmakers for this album.